In-Map Risk Assessment is a
ground breaking software
showing any asset on
interactive floor plans.

In-Map displays detailed asset information
on the end-users own internal floor plan.

Interactive Floor plans

Interactive floor plans can be accessed by you and your customer.

See the demo

Simple to use, low cost Risk Assessment Tool

In-Map is an easy and effective way to map safety and risk assets within client's buildings.

How can I make my audits more profitable?

Why choose In-Map?

They say "A picture paints a thousand words!"
A graphical display of all assets is the easiest and most informative way to provide any overview.


Floor plan based data is the logical step after the
prospect is interested in your services.

In-Map enables collaboration on any type of data
between employees or external parties.

In-Map displays detailed asset information
on its location.

Location information is automatically
detected and linked to any asset.

In-Map – a simple and powerful audit solution,
also in combination with EesyQ.

Quick Standardised tool for collecting data

Increase the profitability in your risk audits by capturing the data you need quickly and efficiently.

Use standardised reporting to output the final result to your client requiring only basic formatting of the document.

Collect the data at your client site faster than ever, using the In-Map iPad App.

Contact information

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